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When my wife and I first moved into the lovely village of Aujols we felt that we wanted to give something back to the village that had welcomed us so warmly and being a musician it became immediately obvious that our beautiful church (Eglise St. Jean-Baptiste) standing proudly on the top of the hill was the perfect venue concerts.

When we casually mentioned to a couple of friends in the village that we had had this thought they jumped on the idea it straight away and within a few months plans were underway for us to create a small music festival where we would be able to present good classical music concerts with international artists at a level that would be both stimulating and exciting.

Clearly I would need some very loyal musicians in order to do this, and as soon as I started talking to some of the many musicians I work with in London they all became very excited and agreed almost immeadiately to become involved.

There was so much that had to be done even in our first year (with only two concerts) and with the help of the comitee d’animation d’aujols, lead by the hugely energetic Martine Tipper, we rapidly were up and running. To be able to present concerts to local audiences has been a great pleasure, not only for the public who have been amazingly responsive, but also for the musicians who come into this beautiful village for a week to rehearse and perform in a relaxed atmosphere. Little by little they have got to know some of the local people, many of whom have become involved with the organising of the festival as we have progressed from year to year.

Les Heures Musicales d’Aujols is truly a local event, having been embraced by the both the villages that make up the local commune of Lalbenque but also the region in general and we have developed into an important week on the callender. At the end of every festival I am asked by so many people about the following year and one cannot ask for more than that.


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